What’s Your DiSC? 

What’s Your DiSC? 

“What’s your DiSC?” It’s the one question we ask every employee when they start at BHG. And for good reason—it allows us to quickly learn how to work together and it sets the foundation of our award-winning culture.

What’s the DiSC Assessment? 

You’ve probably heard of the Meyers Brigg’s personality test. DiSC takes it one step further, assessing a person’s behaviors and offering best practices on how to work with your peers to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

There are four main categories, but you can fall anywhere on the spectrum:

  • D: Dominance—Direct, Results-oriented, Firm 
  • i: Influence—Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Optimistic 
  • S: Steadiness—Even-tempered, Patient, Humble 
  • C: Conscientiousness—Analytical, Reserved, Precise 

Why BHG Invests in DiSC

At BHG, we believe the foundation of our success lies in our ability to build strong relationships and create an open, honest work environment. New employees go through the DiSC assessment their first week with the company, where they learn what DiSC style they are, how they prefer people interact with them, how they react to various scenarios, and more. Not only do new employees reflect on their own DiSC profile, they also go through training on how to work with other DiSC styles throughout the company.

With 800+ employees (and growing!) no two people think, act, or see things in the same manner. DiSC helps us break down these barriers, quickly understand where someone else might be coming from, and work more effectively to hit our goals for the business based on each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

So, what does BHG’s DiSC breakdown look like?

BHG is well balanced, leveraging a mix of all styles in order to create a fluid environment where we can all connect in different ways.

Two Ways Our Teams Leverage DiSC

Every leader meets with their employees to review their DiSC comparison chart.

This allows the manager and employee to better understand one another, and how they can build a more effective working relationship. This creates an open dialogue, asking questions like:

  • Are you more forceful, or soft-spoken?
  • Are you more accommodating, or strong-willed?
  • Are you more tactful, or frank?
  • Are you more daring, or careful?
  • Are you more patient, or driven?
  • Are you calm, or energetic?
  • Are you outgoing, or private?

This offers more transparency into how each person operates, and how to approach one another in their roles.

It is a tool for being comfortable with healthy conflict.

BHG has a great culture, in part because we know how to communicate with one another—even when something goes wrong. We apply DiSC to make sure the way we communicate during times of conflict or confrontation will be well received by the other person, and doesn’t feel like a personal attack. It also ensures both people come from a genuine place to make BHG—and one another—better, and becomes a tool for innovating and problem-solving in a respectful manner.

At BHG, our people come first. If you’re ready to join a company where our culture is just as important as the work we deliver, view our open job positions and apply now.


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