We tell the stories that bring our brands to life and drive lead flow into the business.

We believe expectations are meant to be destroyed.

Our team isn’t your typical marketing department. Every product we promote, every sales team we support, and every professional we work with represents a client we serve—and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

We thrive in chaos, where new ideas are shared just as quickly as they're executed. We strive for excellence, but we won't sacrifice results for perfection. Our “let's test and see” mentality means we're comfortable pushing new concepts to market, monitoring performance with our Analytics team, and adapting our strategy to make an immediate impact.

Together, we're a team of diverse minds, accountable not only to BHG but to one another. Our culture is built on trust and respect, where it’s okay to ask for help, make mistakes, and challenge each other if it could mean a better solution for BHG.

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What we believe in:

Everyone has a voice, and you must be willing to use it
Failure is a learning tool, but only if you allow it to be
We reject mediocrity, and let nothing stand in our way
Success comes from being driven, listening, learning, and leading
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The endless opportunities to collaborate is why I love being part of marketing. Working with experts who are willing to share, teach and learn is so rewarding.
Our team is extremely diverse both in functionality as well as personality, and this variety not only contributes to better work, but to meaningful relationships.
We are more than your traditional “marketing department”— we are one unit under amazing leaders that identify, hire, and retain the best of the best.

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